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Geist Waterfront Park holds grand opening, Residents hope parking fee will ‘attract a good crowd’

Geist Waterfront Park
Posted at 9:37 PM, May 27, 2023

FISHERS — Geist Waterfront Park celebrated its grand opening, which means the $50 parking fee is in effect for those who are not residents of Fishers.

Many people who don’t live in the area but visit the park, located on Olio Road, say $50 is too much and sends the wrong message that they aren't welcome.

“It’s ridiculous,” Sher Montley said. “They don’t have a lot of parking, so I understand, but that price is ridiculous.”

However, others are finding the silver lining.

“Hopefully the fee keeps a lot of vandalism and illegal activity out and attracts a good crowd,” Claiborne Houser said. “By having to pay, everyone is here for the same reason and I’m hoping it will attract good citizens.”

While there is a steep price tag to park, Geist Waterfront Park is free to those who are biking, walking or getting dropped off. The fee is strictly for parking.

“This is worth the money. It’s a great place for kids. But you can rig the system and park across the way or walk in,” Houser said.

The city turned the last piece of undeveloped land along the lake into a public access point for Fishers residents. It was a $30 million project, including land and construction costs.

Beachgoers expressed their satisfaction with the facility, stating it’s a perfect area for kids.

“It’s more than I expected. It’s only four feet deep. We were concerned about the water, but it’s perfect for little ones,” Marla Fogel said.

To use the reservoir, residents can sign-up for a smart pass for free.

The passes must be purchased 48 hours in advance. Guests will scan the digital smart pass to gain access to the park. Those who do not have a smartphone can pick up a physical copy of the pass.

The council will revisit the fee in one year.

The park will be open from dawn until dusk, with swimming hours from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

For more information on the park or to register for entry, click here.