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Grandmother concerned with school's bullying response

Her six-year-old grandson is the target
Posted at 10:07 PM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 22:07:00-05

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis grandmother is concerned for her six-year-old grandson's safety because of a school bully.

Deana Hinton Campbell says the little boy went from being excited about going to class at a Pike Township elementary school to dreading it. "He went from loving school to being scared to come to school," she said. "You feel helpless that you can't protect your child going to school for an education."

Hinton Campbell says grandson Kelan Tinsley has been having issues with a particular student. At first, she told him to defend himself. but after he got in trouble, she changed her tune, telling him not to fight back. "He's not on Iraq, he's shouldn't be scared he's going to lose his life in school," she said. "He's been knocked down, punched. He's been spit on. The boy has snotted on him and busted his lip a few weeks ago."

Hinton Campbell is hoping things will change, and she may get her wish. The school's principal has agreed to put her grandson and the other student in separate classrooms.

Pike Township administrators would not comment on this specific case, but say they take all reports of bullying seriously, by investigating and working with families to take necessary actions.