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Graphic designer and Pacers fan finds social media fame with jersey concepts

Ross Shafer designs a new Pacers jersey after every win.
Pacers jersey concept
Posted at 11:11 PM, Jan 26, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-26 23:30:42-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Pacers are having a season to remember, and a creative fan has immortalized the moment with his ideas for possible jerseys.

Pacers jersey concept 2
A concept for an Indiana Pacers jersey designed by Ross Shafer.

Graphic designer Ross Shafer posts his concepts for Pacers jerseys on X (formerly Twitter) after every Pacers win. The posts routinely earn hundreds of likes.

"I want them to feel like something that is part of the Pacers story," Shafer said. "I think simplicity is what makes a jersey really special, so that's also a challenge in trying to come up with these different ideas."

Pacers jersey concept 3
A concept for an Indiana Pacers jersey designed by Ross Shafer.

Shafer has designed jersey concepts based on the Indianapolis skyline, the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the "Welcome to Indiana" sign, and the Indiana state flag.

Shafer has released several of his designs as actual jerseys and plans to bring even more of his concepts to reality soon through his website.

"Fashion is a huge part of the NBA, so it's cool that it bleeds into the jerseys as well," Shafer said.

Pacers jersey concept 4
A concept for an Indiana Pacers jersey designed by Ross Shafer.

His jerseys are not officially licensed by the National Basketball Association or the Pacers, so you can't find them at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse team store. However, authentic Pacers jerseys remain popular items there.

Brandon Dumais decided to buy a personalized Pacers jersey at the team store to commemorate his trip to Indianapolis from Thunder Bay, Canada.

"It's just one of those things where you might as well do it, right?" said Dumais, who wore the jersey to his first-ever NBA game Friday night. "I play pick-up ball with my boys in the summer. It's going to be nice to get out and have my own name on my shoulders this year."

Shafer said he will keep designing new jerseys through the end of the season, and may even release a special concept if the Pacers win the championship.

"It'll probably just be a giant Tyrese Haliburton face because that's the reason why it would happen," Shafer said.