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Greenwood man hangs trailer from tree in protest

Posted at 10:43 PM, Mar 02, 2016

GREENWOOD, Ind. -- An ordinance dispute in Greenwood has led one man to eye-catching measures to get his point across.

This week, Claude Tate suspended his boat trailer from a tree after the city told him he wasn't allowed to park it on the grass in his side yard.

Technically, Tate points out, it is off the lawn now.

"Anything they could say you might let grass grow up around that, therefore we can regulate you, and I think that's wrong," Tate said.

The current ordinance states that trailers like his need to be parked on a hard surface – not grass.

"I really don't like the city telling me that I have to spend a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars to keep my trailer on my property," Tate said.

That's why Tate didn't move to an HOA-regulated neighborhood.

City Council Member Chuck Landon went to see the display for himself.

"Well, I thought it was hilarious, so I applaud him for citizen involvement, and he certainly made a good point." Landon said.

Tate spoke at a city council meeting Wednesday night about the issue. The full council is expected to take the issue up at a later date.


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