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Group at center of voter fraud probe asks Department of Justice to investigate

Posted at 5:11 PM, Oct 07, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- The group at the center of a voter fraud probe by Indiana State Police asked the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division Friday to investigate efforts by state officials to "suppress tens of thousands of African American votes."

The request from the Indiana Voter Registration Project came two days after Indiana State Policeraided the group's offices in Indianapolis.

"In conducting their partisan raid, these so-called investigators violated numerous legal standards, including - but not limited to: Denying staff the opportunity to contact an attorney; telling staff that if an attorney were contacted, a state trooper had to be present; and denying the Project's attorney access to the office and staff," said Craig Varoga, President of Patriot Majority.

Indiana State Police Public Information Officer Dave Bursten reacted to Varoga's statement, saying investigators had a search warrant and project staff cooperated when they entered the office on October 4.

Bursten questioned what facts the group has to support their assertion that investigators are targeting African Americans.  He also pointed out that there is no information about race included on voter registration cards.

"His allegations are preposterous. There's no basis in truth whatsoever," said Bursten.

Indiana State Police began looking into voter fraud in Hendricks and Marion Counties in August 2016. Their investigation expanded to nine counties on October 4 and 56 counties on October 6.

Detectives say the Indiana Voter Registration Project turned in forged voter registration applications.

They say the group was altering already registered voter's information, changing the voter's address to an address not associated with the voter and without the voter's knowledge.