"Art Finksters" take credit for golden 'Take a Trump' toilets popping up across central Indiana

Posted at 3:57 PM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-03 21:38:05-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- A group that calls themselves "Art Finksters" has taken credit for those mysterious golden toilets that have been popping up across central Indiana. 

The toilets first showed up on Saturday, President Trump's 100th day in office. Each one is painted gold and has the words "Take a Trump" stenciled on the back of it.

Toilets have been spotted in Indianapolis along the Monon Trail, on Broad Ripple Avenue and near Massachusetts Avenue. One toilet was also spotted in Muncie. 

RTV6 reached out to the group to find out a bit more about the project, the people behind it and what it means.

“We are a group of tightly knit artists all over the country who have taken it upon ourselves to inform the masses about what’s going on in Washington and around the world," said a member of the group who wishes to remain anonymous. 

Art Finksters said they have been placing golden toilets in high-traffic areas in several states across the country, including Texas and Florida.

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The group claims the golden ‘Trump’ toilets are the first of many projects they will put on display.

“We chose a golden toilet because our president likes to surround himself with all things gold,” said the anonymous member. “So, we thought, what better image to use than a golden commode.”

Under the lid of each toilet is an image of a pig wearing a crown, which the group claims was influenced by George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

Looking at the golden toilets it’s obvious to see where the group stands politically, but the group claims their art stands for more than just that. They want their work to incite reaction and conversation while making sure that people remain educated about what’s going on in their government.

“We are carefully watching what’s going on in Washington,” said the anonymous member. “We feel it’s our duty to keep everybody in check and educated. Our work will evolve with the happening events. Our objective goal is to inform and educate.”

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