‘Grundy Crew' ringleader said murder victim was 'like a brother'

Posted at 1:14 PM, Sep 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-16 18:29:23-04

INDIANAPOLIS – A known murder suspect and alleged ringleader of the “Grundy Crew,” Richard Grundy III, said murder victim, Mack Taylor, 23, who was one of the two bodies found blocks away from a bloody scene on Indy’s northeast side Wednesday was "like a brother."

Grundy, 26, who is accused of recruiting his wife, father and cousins into a violent drug trafficking organization, released a statement on the double homicide with mention of Taylor.

Kieran Brown, Grundy’s attorney said, "He is offering his condolences. This is someone who was like a brother to him."

Grundy said he “doesn't want to draw attention to himself, or draw the anger or ire of anyone."

The two bodies of cousins were discovered by a crowd of people in an alley blocks away from a home on Gladstone Avenue, which was under investigation as police found, “blood and brain matter everywhere.”

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Grundy was released from a Texas jail on an $8,000 bond in August after being arrested on a warrant for possession of marijuana between 50-2,000 pounds.

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He was charged in September 2015 with four counts of murder and conspiracy to commit murder in connection with two double homicides in 2014. Grundy was also accused of murder in the 2013 death of Kendrid Mintze, as well as conspiracy to commit murder for his role in the alleged attempt to kill another man. At the time, he also faced numerous drug-related charges, including alleged cocaine dealing out of a West 31st Street home. 

Prosecutors dropped the murder charges after a key witness in the case was found to have lied to police about her identity.

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Although Grundy was bonded out in Texas, he still faces numerous charges in Indianapolis. 

The alleged 11-member "Grundy Crew" is linked to seven murders in the city, prosecutors say.

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