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Hamilton County Health Department relinquishes services in Fishers

Posted at 12:39 PM, May 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-05 06:36:32-04

FISHERS — The Hamilton County Health Department alerted Fishers residents Monday that it no longer has jurisdiction in the city.

Fishers established its own health department April 24 as part of a broader COVID-19 recovery plan, which a release from the Hamilton County Health Department said precludes it and its board's officers from providing services to residents.

“We are aware of the confusion and disruption this change may cause to many citizens and businesses and we will make every attempt to minimize those problems,” said Barry McNulty, administrator at the Hamilton County Health Department. “The health and well-being of everyone in Hamilton County has been and always will be the focus of the Hamilton County Health Department.”

The Hamilton County Health Department said public health activities that will be affected include:

  • COVID-19 positive case investigation
  • Communicable disease investigation of 70 other diseases
  • Tuberculosis control
  • HIV and Pregnancy testing
  • Childhood immunizations
  • Childhood blood-lead levels
  • Health education activities
  • Birth and death records and certifications
  • Mosquito monitoring and control
  • Rodent Complaint investigation and mitigation
  • Septic permitting and inspection
  • Well permitting and water testing
  • Housing complaints
  • Environmental complaint
  • Public and semi-public swimming pool inspections and water quality
  • Recreational water sampling in rivers and lakes
  • Restaurant and other food service inspections
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness planning

“The launch of the Fishers Health Department goes beyond a localized approach to COVID-19, but extends into the future where we can better support our community," Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness said in April.

Fishers residents should contact the Fishers Health Department at 317-567-5045 or