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Carmel company aims to reduce spread of germs with 'Iggy'

Posted at 6:31 AM, Jul 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-23 09:23:49-04

CARMEL — A Carmel company has a new tool to reduce the exchange of germs and viruses.

3Oe Scientific is behind the machine known as Iggy, which takes oxygen from the water and concentrates it to make a natural disinfectant to clean your hands.

You have to place your hands inside the machine and separated within the correct distance for seven seconds. If you do it the wrong way, a sensor will let you know to try again.

The "Iggy" reduces the exchange of germs and viruses.

"We're covered in about 1 trillion bacteria, viruses and fungi at any time," Dr. Robert Lubitz said. "Most are healthy and we want to have them on our skin. That's our microbiome, but there are things that are not healthy."

Iggy has been recognized by several industry groups for its innovation. The City of Carmel purchased several units to place in municipal offices and schools in Georgia are turning to it.

"Our core technology is all about the science," Dr. Thomas Foust said. "We are all the time testing different pathogens, viruses, bacterias and spores testing in the lab to see what kill-rates we get."