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Carmel woman drives to police station during road rage incident

Caught on camera
Posted at 4:32 PM, Aug 14, 2018

CARMEL, Ind. -- A Carmel woman found herself in a frightening predicament after a road rage incident led to a man following her for several blocks until she pulled into the police station for help. 

Terry Burgess says she was heading west on 126th Street in Carmel when she found herself in a dispute with another driver on the road.

“He tried to accelerate to get in front of me, and I did not allow him to merge in front of me at that point,” said Burgess. “I did a little rude gesture very quickly out my window, kind of like ‘yeah, alright buddy,’ and that made him very angry.”

The man was so angry over the incident that he continued to follow her, honking his horn constantly.

“(He was) right on my tail all the way from Keystone to Rangeline Road honking non-stop,” said Burgess.

Burgess said she was getting nervous about how far the incident was escalating and that the man was still following her, so she decided to drive straight to the police department.

The enraged driver continued to follow.

“It was scary and became scary for me once I realized he was not going to just go on his way,” said Burgess.

Burgess recorded the last half of the incident, in her video below you can hear the driver still honking at her as she pulls into the police station where they both got out of their vehicles.

“I started to attempt to just say ‘hey, you were in the turn lane’ and when he started shouting at me I just went on in,” said Burgess.

The man left after Burgess walked into the police station, but cameras in the parking lot were able to capture his license plate.

Two days later, police cited the man for unlawful use of a horn, a violation they say is rarely issued.

Officers say if you’re ever in a similar situation you should try turning to get away from the other driver and avoid any contact or conflict. If you feel threatened or they continue following you, you should call 911 immediately. If you can safely do so, police say you should also take a photo of the driver’s license plate so that they can follow up on the report.

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