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Duke Energy transmission line sparks concerns in Carmel

Posted at 10:02 PM, Oct 12, 2017

CARMEL, Ind. – Neighbors in Carmel are concerned about the impact a new transmission line will have on their community.

Due to rapid growth in the city, Duke Energy has plans to construct a new high-voltage transmission line near the Autumn Lake community.

Brett Henk, president of the Autumn Lake Homeowner’s Association, said many people oppose the 65 to 70-foot towers.

"Those large transmission poles would essentially be in their backyard, possibly, most likely decreasing their value of their homes and resale. So, that's a huge impact,” said Henk.

The removal of trees has also become a concern. Henk believes his family’s health could also be impacted from the high voltage.

"There are possible concerns about the health of our children or of us residents here in the neighborhood,” he said. 

Duke Energy has three proposed routes for the half-mile transmission line. Two of the routes border the Monon Trail.

Henk said one of the routes would run within view of his backyard. 

A spokeswoman for Duke said transmission lines are never popular amongst community members.

"That's why we always first go out and seek public input and share the proposals we are looking at,” said Angeline Protogere. “And that's what we did in this case. We always try to balance those concerns and comments we get also with the need to provide reliable service in that area."

The company plans to have the route chosen by the end of November, but Henk said he hopes his community’s concerns are considered.

“Moving forward, we're gaining momentum, and we're going to try our best,” he said. 

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