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People living in newly developed Carmel neighborhood want rusty sidewalks, street curbs fixed

Posted at 10:53 PM, Aug 01, 2018

CARMEL, Ind. -- People living in one Carmel neighborhood are trying to get their rusted sidewalks and curbs cleaned after they say a developer left orange residue on everything. 

Homeowners say a Platinum Properties used the irrigation wells instead of city water while developing their Legacy Subdivision. 

"This orange color is on every walkway, every curb, all the homeowner mailboxes and all the signage," said Andy Potts. "When you invest in a neighborhood, and you spend $500,000 on a home you don't expect this."

Tim Walter, Vice President of Development for Platinum Properties said even they were surprised at how rusty the water coming from the wells was, but they thought it would be less expensive long-term to use it. 

"We installed wells because the long-term use of the facilities is much less expensive for the HOA versus paying to use city water long-term," said Walter. 

He says they've tried cleaning the rust off multiple times, but they're now leaving it up to the homeowners to decide what to do. 

"If it were something we did we would certainly take responsibility," said Tim Walter. "But it wasn't a case of where we made a mistake; it was just a circumstance and this issue."

The homeowners association there says they've already paid $30,000 to change the irrigation system over to city water and they don't have enough to also pay to fix the rusted streets. 

"We're just asking them to restore the concrete, the signage and the curbs to its original state," said Potts. 

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