Fishers firefighter who lost leg in motorcycle crash supports Canadian firefighter who lost leg

Both are first amputees to return to service
Posted at 4:05 PM, Dec 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-17 19:10:40-05

FISHERS -- A Canada-based firefighter has returned to full duty after an above-the-knee leg amputation with the guidance of a Fishers firefighter who has overcome the same obstacle. 

Lt. Brandon Anderson with Fishers Fire Department lost his leg in a motorcycle accident in 2016, but returned to full duty in spite of the tragedy. His determination inspired others from coast to coast and across borders. 

Michael D.N. Laughlin from Kingston Fire Department in Canada has just returned to full duty "with the guidance and friendship of the Anderson family and his own amazing courage and determination," according to a Facebook post by Fishers Fire Department. 

Brandon and Michael are believed to be the first career firefighters to return to full duty with above knee amputations in their countries.

“There have been a number of below-the-knee amputees that have courageously returned or made their way into the job," a department representative commented.

"The big difference with these two is that it is above-the-knee-amputation. Without that knee joint, it is extremely difficult to adjust and perform. We celebrate everyone that has overcome to follow their passion.”