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Fishers daycare worker left handprint bruise on child, charged with battery

Police are asking to speak with more parents, children if they attended the daycare
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Posted at 1:18 PM, Apr 25, 2023

FISHERS — An employee of the Kiddie Academy Daycare in Fishers is facing battery charges after a child returned home with a handprint bruise on their leg.

According to Fishers police, an investigation was launched after a parent reported their child returned home from the daycare, located in the 11700 block of Olio Road, with the bruise.

The parent informed officers that she immediately contacted the daycare and met with the owner, according to police.

The parent and daycare owner/operator viewed a video of the child’s classroom. The video revealed a daycare employee inappropriately touching the child. The owner of the daycare fired the employee that same day.

Molly C. Taxter, the employee, was arrested Tuesday following the investigation by FPD.

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We have chosen to share Molly Taxter's mugshot because police are actively searching for more potential victims who she may have had contact with while working at daycares in Hamilton County.

Detectives have identified multiple victims battered by Taxter, but believe there may be more.

In the probable cause affidavit to issue an arrest warrant for Taxter, at least nine victims are mentioned. In most instances, Taxter is seen in video grabbing juveniles and tossing them onto mats and onto concrete at times.

The juveniles showed signs of injury in the videos, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Video evidence also shows Taxter and her fellow employee covering children's faces with blankets during their nap time. Both Taxter and the fellow employee shared their knowledge of that not being allowed to police.

In one instance, Taxter is seen slamming a child's head into a changing table because the child "was getting to me", according to court documents.

They are asking to speak with parents of children that attended the Kiddie Academy Daycare anytime from January 2023 thru March 16, 2023. They would also like speak to the children as well.

A hotline with the number 317-595-3317 exists for these parents.

Taxter had history of working in daycares and schools. According to her, she had worked with children for at least six years.

According to Noblesville Schools, Taxter was employed as a room assistant in the Promise Road preschool program for approximately 18 months between 2019-2021.

The also shared this statement:

"Student safety for all children anywhere is a core value of ours and this news out of Fishers is heartbreaking. Our thoughts are with the children and families at this daycare who have been tragically impacted by this violence."

The WRTV Investigates team dug for more information about Taxter's employer in Fishers.

Kiddie Academy is a licensed center, according to the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA), the state agency that licenses and inspects child care facilities.

FSSA cited Kiddie Academy in Fishers in March 2023 after Fishers Police began its criminal investigation.

Inspection records obtained by WRTV Investigates show the following violations on March 27:

  • Type of correction needed: A caregiver did not receive documented training in recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect within the first two weeks of employment.
    Action needed to correct issue: During the first two (2) weeks of employment, all staff shall receive documented training in recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect. The director shall update this training annually
  • Type of correction needed: A caregiver did not adhere to the discipline policy.
    Action needed to correct issue: Prior to having direct contact with children or food, the following training or information shall be provided to all staff and volunteers according to the specific responsibilities assigned to that particular staff member or volunteer: The centers child discipline policy
  • Type of correction needed: The provider did not supply proper orientation, supervision, or evaluation of a newly employed caregiver ensuring she received ongoing training specifically relating to child abuse and neglect prevention.
    Action needed to correct issue: Director responsibilities
  • Type of correction needed: A caregiver did not receive documented training in recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect within the first two weeks of employment.
    Action needed to correct issue: During the first two (2) weeks of employment, all staff and volunteers shall have the following training or information provided according to their individual responsibilities: Child abuse detection, prevention, and reporting responsibilities

Inspection records also noted on March 17 that a “teacher roughly picked up female toddler child and slammed her down on diapering table. Teacher woke child from naptime by kicking cot, pounding child on back. Teacher picked child up roughly multiple times and slammed /dropped her down.”
Currently, Kiddie Academy in Fishers is on a probationary license, which typically allows a provider time to correct issues and if they don’t correct them, the provider risks losing their license.

"When a provider is on probation, they are subjected to increased scrutiny by our staff for a three-month period," said Marni Lemons, a spokesperson for FSSA, in an email to WRTV. "During the probationary period, the licensee can continue to operate as normal but will be inspected at least once a month to ensure that they are making progress and continuing to comply on other issues."

Licensed providers, such as licensed homes and centers, are required to complete safe sleep and CPR training, do criminal background checks, and follow proper child/staff ratios, to name a few.

In Indiana, you must have a license if you are watching six or more children unrelated to the provider.

A child care provider can be unlicensed and operating within the law, but only if they have five or fewer children in their care that are not related to the provider.

It is illegal for a child care provider to watch six or more children without a license, unless they qualify for an exemption.

Kiddie Academy issued the following statement to WRTV Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday, March 15th, we became aware that an assistant teacher in our Toddler room had been acting in a manner contrary to our core values and commitment to provide safe and healthy environments for all children in our care. Upon learning of the behavior, we notified the appropriate authorities, and the teacher was terminated. Representatives from CPS and Licensing began their investigation on Friday, March 17th and we have since learned that the former teacher is being formally charged for her actions.

Our team is dedicated to sound leadership decisions, swiftly addressing concerns, aligning with local licensing bodies and ensuring that the trust of each family is earned and maintained. We will continue to fully cooperate with local authorities during any further investigation of this matter.    

We are a local, family-owned independent business and parents ourselves, who care deeply about our children and our community.  There is nothing more important than creating a nurturing and safe environment for the children in our care, and their families – it is our life’s commitment.