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Fishers police warn parents of teen slang that could lead to trouble

Posted at 7:47 PM, Aug 31, 2017

FISHERS, Ind. – Fishers Police and safety groups want to spread the word about terms and phrases teens may use that could lead to trouble.

A Smart Social article, tweeted by Fishers Police, found teens have words that are used as code to communicate with each other, even when parents are around.

For example, the article says sometimes teens use the word, "thirsty,"to mean they are desperate for something. If you hear the term "Netflix 'n Chill,” that could mean teens are actually planning to make out or have sex.

Here are other examples Smart Social cited:

- “Down in the DM”: Means plans for a sexual hook-up

- “Smash”: To have casual sex

- “NIFOC”: "Naked in front of the computer"

- “GNOC”: "Get naked on camera"

Fishers Police said this language isn't a specific problem in the Fishers community, but Sgt. Tom Weger said he wants parents to be aware of their child's interactions with other people, whether it be in person, through text or on social media.


He also said children should know when to report inappropriate interactions they may have online. If a child feels uncomfortable about a conversation they have online, they need to immediately tell their parents or police.

More information can be found here.