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Hancock County Sheriff's Department adds bike patrols

Posted at 8:29 PM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 20:29:01-04

HANCOCK COUNTY — A local sheriff's office has a new tool to keep you safe.

You'll soon see some deputies on battery-powered bikes in Hancock County. The bikes have lights and sirens and can reach speeds of about 40 miles per hour.

Hancock County sheriff Brad Burkhart said they will be used on trails, in neighborhoods and at county festivals and events. He said the county has had a lot of break-ins and this will allow deputies to patrol neighborhoods in a new way. He also hopes it will help improve community relations.

"It is about being able to be one-on-one," Burkhart said. "Better than just driving around neighborhoods, so its about communications, it is about public relations, it is about safety so you know there is a whole facet of things that go along with the bike patrol."

There will be four deputies assigned to the bike patrol, and Burkhart said he plans to be a part of it, as well.