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Happy update: Six dogs found abandoned in middle of road are doing well

Being cared for at Putnam Animal Shelter
Posted at 10:30 PM, Sep 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-04 22:52:04-04

GREENCASTLE — This is a story on its way to a happy ending.

Thursday, WRTV reported on six dogs, four of them puppies, found abandoned in the middle of a rural Putnam County road outside Greencastle early Thursday morning. Sheriff's Deputy Kyle Gibbons handled the call.

The dogs were in poor condition, infested with fleas and suffering from open sores. Deputy Gibbons' wife, Erin Gibbons, is program coordinator for the Putnam County Humane Society. She came to the scene to assist in getting the dogs to the animal shelter for treatment. That's her in the photos above.

The pictures from the shelter Friday show six dogs doing much better. They've had baths and are getting the food and medical attention they need. Both adults are heartworm positive and have severe flea attributed dermatitis.

The puppies wounds are caused by mange and with treatment and some good grooming all four are expected to recover fully.

The Humane Society is not allowing visitors until the dogs have had time to heal. In a Facebook posting, the organization said it has been "blown away" by the public response to the unfortunate situation.