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Heads up in Plainfield, blinking yellow turn signals are growing in use

The goal: Reduce traffic accidents
Posted at 8:57 PM, Jan 03, 2020

PLAINFIELD — The goal is to keep traffic flowing and cut down on the number of accidents.

Those are the reasons behind an increase in the use of blinking yellow left turn signals on some roads in Plainfield.

According to the Plainfield Police Department, blinking or "permissive phase" signals are statistically proven to be a better option than a traditional traffic signal and can reduce severe crashes by 25%.

Here are the "rules of the road" as they apply to blinking yellow signals:

  • Drivers may turn left when there are no vehicles coming in the opposite direction.
  • Flashing yellow may be displayed before a solid red turn signal.
  • Depending on time of day, traditional green, red and yellow lights may be used instead of flashing yellow.
  • Not every intersection in Plainfield will have blinking yellow signals.
  • Oncoming traffic is not required to stop when you have a blinking yellow. You must yield.

Aaron Teare, Plainfield Police Department Traffic Officer says, "When you see the blinky you need to thinky. Is it time to slow or do I go?"