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Helping local veterans in need of housing and jobs

Posted at 9:44 AM, Nov 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-11 09:44:25-05

INDIANAPOLIS — On Veterans Day, the nation honors those who serve. At the same time, local veterans are taking action to help those people who once wore the uniform and are living in crisis.

The chili is the draw, but the drive to help local veterans came in the form of canned food, clothing, and cash — all brought to American Legion Post 3 in Broad Ripple.

"The winters are hard. Indiana weather is terrible," Mike Melton, who's been in the National Guard for a decade, said. "Our responsibility is not to just drive by; our responsibility is to dig and see what problems are and partner up with organizations that walk hand in hand with these people."

Nina Powell, who served in the National Guard for six years, said Veterans Day is a day to serve with family.

"This is part of our family tradition to show our children all the people who came before them, so we can have a safe place to live," Powell said.

Robert White is an Air Force veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He's with the group HVAF, which stands for 'Helping Veterans and Families.'

White says the critical need for hundreds of veterans is housing and jobs.

They need the opportunity to thrive and excel. Allowing and utilizing veteran talent in regards to employment opportunity," White said.

Recognition of that need is as key as the reverence and remembrance of all those who served under the stars and stripes.

The group HVAF is based in Indianapolis. They can be reached at 317-951-0688.