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Securing Our Schools: Avon Community Schools add new safety procedures across the district

Posted at 9:45 AM, Oct 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-13 14:29:43-05
All week long, RTV6 is looking into school safety across multiple districts throughout Central Indiana.  We’re asking each district the same questions and bringing you their school safety plan.  We’re working for you, so you know what your school is doing to keep students safe. To see the school safety plans of other districts, visit


AVON, Ind.-- When it comes to safety, Avon Community Schools have new safety procedures in place starting this year.

If you decided to visit the school, visitors must go through the main doors and go to the check-in station and have their government licensed scanned. Vendors must also go through check-in during school hours.

Anyone who wants to volunteer at any of the district’s schools must go through background screenings.

Currently, all except the main entrance exterior doors are closed and locked, including every classroom.

New this year are wand metal detectors provided by the state.

There are 642 security cameras in place district-wide, that police have access to.

Student Resources Officers are also law enforcement officers including Hendrick’s County Sheriff's Deputies and Avon Police officers.

On patrol for 21 years, Avon Police Department Lt. Brent Keesling said there are assignments sent out on what schools officers and deputies will monitor.

"So we have two assigned to the high school, we have one at each middle school, said Lt. Keesling. “Then we have another one that rotates to the elementary schools."

District officials said that each school conducts lockdown training every semester to train in the event that there would ever be an intruder on campus.

They use ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training to help with the response to an active shooter.

Lt. Keesling said it’s not only important to keep the kids safe, but also make it a comfortable learning environment.

“Talk with the kids more, the teachers and the parents," Lt. Keesling said. “Make it where they feel better, more safe."

To help form stronger relationships with students, the district added five counselors, a new support staff, suicide prevention training and an online portal to report bullying or safety concerns.

Lt. Keesling said it’s vital to update their safety procedures.

"I think every step you can take is always helpful. It gives people a peace of mind,” Lt. Keesling said. “It does help prevent somewhat of things to happen in the future. It makes thing more discouraging for someone just to walk in."

When RTV6 asked about any updates due to the shooting at Noblesville West Middle School, district officials said they constantly evaluate and adapt their school safety plan.

Avon Community Schools include:

  • Avon High School
  • Avon Middle School North
  • Avon Middle School South
  • Avon Intermediate School East
  • Avon Intermediate School West
  • Cedar Elementary
  • Hickory Elementary
  • Maple Elementary
  • Pine Tree Elementary
  • River Birch Elementary
  • Sycamore Elementary
  • White Oak Elementary

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