Surveillance cameras catch man breaking into vehicles in Plainfield

Posted at 9:31 PM, Jan 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-05 21:31:12-05

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. -- The Hendricks County Sheriff's Department believes one person is responsible for four vehicle break-ins in a Plainfield neighborhood.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video by cameras at Robert Younghouse's home.  The thief removed the driver's side window of Younghouse's vehicle and climbed inside. 

"It's pretty disturbing. You hope you are safe. I have a camera system and an alarm system. My truck has an alarm system and it just so happened that the battery got zapped by the cold and when he did this the battery was dead and the alarm system didn't go off," said Younghouse.

In addition to the 13 surveillance cameras at his home, Younghouse recently added lights to illuminate his property. 

Neighbors say the suspect leaves a trail that can be seen in the snow.

"Definitely eerie when you see all the footsteps from house to house through the snow to all the vehicles broke into," said Chad Boespflug.

The Hendricks County Sheriff's Department says they are following leads but so far have not made any arrests.

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