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Here's when you should stop for school buses

Posted at 12:35 PM, Aug 07, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- It's back to school time, which means school buses share your commute, picking up and dropping off students, swinging out that "Stop" sign with flashing red lights on the back of the bus.

Indiana State Police Trooper Todd Ringle says the department receives complaints daily about drivers not stopping when they should for school buses. 

He says while distracted driving is one main culprit, understanding when you should and shouldn't stop is the first step toward safety for the kids loading on and off the bus. 

Trooper Ringle posted a helpful graphic to explain what the law is on his Facebook page (you can see that graphic at the top of this story).

The bottom line: Unless your road is separated by a hard median, if the bus stops with its flashing lights and "Stop" sign swung out, you stop.

Take a look below, and be sure to share the post to let your community know the right way to drive around buses this school year.