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Clinton email refers to Indy as "Indianoplace"

Posted at 8:00 PM, Oct 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-02 20:00:44-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- In the latest release of Hillary Clinton emails, the former Secretary of State references Indianapolis, but not by the city's name. 

In an email exchange with Jake Sullivan, her deputy chief of staff, Clinton asks, "Are you still in basketball-crazed Indianoplace?"

The email was dated Monday, April 5, 2010 as Indianapolis was hosting the NCAA Final Four at Lucas Oil Stadium. 

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Tyrone Gayle, Regional Communications Director for Hillary for America, responded to the email in a statement. 

"Hillary Clinton has long loved the Hoosier State and still has fond memories of campaigning there in 2008."

The AP in March first discovered that Clinton ran her server off an Internet connection traced to her Chappaqua, New York, home. Clinton later confirmed she operated the server for convenience but did not provide details on how well the basement server was backed up or how adequately it was protected from hackers. Since then, the State Department has indicated through Freedom of Information Act releases of Clinton's emails that dozens of messages that passed through her private server were later deemed classified. Most messages released so far have been marked "confidential," the lowest level of U.S. government classification.

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But two emails, although not marked classified at the time they were sent, have since been slapped with a "TK" marking, for the "talent keyhole" compartment, suggesting material obtained by spy satellites, according to the inspector general for the intelligence community. They also were marked "NOFORN," meaning information that can only be shared with Americans with security clearances.

One email included a discussion of a U.S. drone strike, part of a covert program that is nevertheless widely known. A second conversation could have improperly referred to highly classified material, but it also could have reflected information collected independently, U.S. officials who have reviewed the correspondence told the AP.

Clinton has since apologized for using a private server and said she's provided copies of all the messages she was required to turn over. She reiterated in a recent interview that she didn't "send or receive any material marked `classified.' We dealt with classified material on a totally different system. I dealt with it in person."

Since earlier this year, government investigators -- and her political adversaries in particular -- have focused on Clinton's email practices that effectively bypassed government-run systems. Also potentially at issue is whether Clinton withheld any work-related emails from the roughly 30,000 messages she provided to the State Department.

FBI director James Comey reportedly has said that the agency is working round the clock to see whether any classified information was leaked from Clinton's server. Clinton's campaign denies her system was ever breached.


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