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Old house's owner deals with spooky reputation

Posted at 5:45 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2019-10-15 12:27:49-04

JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – After a man captured two women on camera breaking into an abandoned house he owns, he has come to believe they were looking for ghosts.

No, seriously.

The house sits along East County Road 100 North. It was built over a century ago. And some believe it’s inhabited by ghosts.

All the owner, Adam Eichhorn, knows is, it’s been invaded by real-live humans that aren’t welcome. But even he can see why they’d venture inside. He’s had a few strange incidents there as well.

“I like to think I’m a normal guy,” Eichhorn said. “(But) after some experiences in this house, I believe there is something in this house.”

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The ancient house in Franklin is called the Candlelight House. It was built in 1868. Inside, you’ll even find copies of the newspaper from two days before Pearl Harbor.

It also has a dedicated online following. After a recent appearance on the paranormal-enthusiasts site “Paraholics,” Eichhorn believes the house is getting more attention from so-called ghost hunters.

In a string of break-ins, this month he captured two women on surveillance camera (unless they are ghosts themselves) roaming around the house.

“They’re scared,” Eichhorn describes the video. “In one of the pictures they’re like, holding hands, and looking around.”

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The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office says the two women in the video did come forward. The sheriff’s office is investigating, but they say the women might not be connected to earlier break-ins.

And ghosts don’t make the best witnesses.

As a reminder, the sheriff’s office says if you commit burglary or break into a home, you could face a felony charge.

And Eichhorn wants to remind all ghost-seekers out there: He’s open to letting them in, if they’re polite about it.

“It’s like, if you want to see it – let me know,” Eichhorn said. “You don’t have to kick the back door in.”

The owner of the home plans to live on the property and turn the “haunted” house into some kind of business or public attraction. That could likely happen within the next year.

We’ll let you know if it opens in time for Halloween.


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