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Some upset about Fountain Square Library closure

Posted at 6:37 AM, Mar 31, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS -- Some people, including one city councilman, aren't happy with the Indianapolis Public Library's strategic plan to shut down or relocate branches -- like the one in Fountain Square.

The goal of the "In Progress" plan is to maximize accessibility to libraries by 2020.

By 2018 - the Fountain Square Library will be absorbed by a larger, new Perry Township location.

But City Councilman Jeff Miller said the absorption is the opposite of what his community needs.

His office has received dozens of letters from families -- complaining about the closure and how this plan doesn't fit locals' needs .

"It just gets really tough when you look at the human element," Miller said. "They can use the computer, that they can get books for their kids and do reading time with their kids."

Miller says a major concern is that the new location won't be within walking distance for some residents.

The plan is already in place but Miller said he is working with his district and the city to figure out the best possible solution.

The Indianapolis Public Library says it’s trying to meet not only budgetary demands but shifting population and demographics.

Library CEO Jackie Nytes says there is only one library for Perry Township’s 100,000 residents.

Admittedly, while it may be inconvenient for Fountain Square residents when their small library closes, there are several libraries nearby, including Garfield Park,  the Central Library, and a branch at East Washington and Rural.

Nytes says a task force is looking for creative ways to offer at least some services to Fountain Square residents in their immediate area once the small neighborhood library closes.


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