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Howard Co. Sheriff sends letter to community

Howard Co. Sheriff sends letter to community
Posted at 1:05 PM, Apr 01, 2016

The Howard County Sheriff's Office sent a letter to the citizens of Howard County to thank them for their support following the death of Deputy Carl Koontz. 

Deputy Koontz was shot and killed while serving a warrant on March 20. 

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The following letter was sent Friday: 

The loss of Deputy Carl Koontz and wounding of Sergeant Buckley has been one of darkest times for the Sheriff’s Department.  

The assistance from other Law Enforcement agencies has been wonderful but somewhat expected because that is the tradition of American Law Enforcement. 

Standing in the gathering of officers at Carl’s memorial reminded us why American Law Enforcement will never be defeated in our service to you, all of us standing shoulder to shoulder representing Law and Order across America.

Howard County has a history of supporting their public servants but the public outpouring we have experienced the past days has been overwhelming.

The cards, letters, donations and public displays have brought us all to tears.  All of this not only helps in the healing process but strengthens and encourages us to continue the mission of protection and service.   

This has been a difficult time for us but you, our citizens, have given us something positive to build on.

All of us at the Sheriff’s Department thank you all for your kindness, generosity and willingness to stand with us during this time of mourning.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sheriff Steve Rogers and Staff.

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