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'Don't know how a human being could do that'

Posted at 12:19 AM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-04 00:19:17-05

FRANKLIN, Ind. -- Two families were changed in a moment, in a car accident that miraculously was not fatal. 

But the person who caused the crash is still on the run. 

From his hospital bed, where he's been since January 23, Grant Black replays the horrific scene that put him there. 

"Look in the rearview mirror and see a vehicle flying up behind me. Next thing I know, boom! It's over with," he said. 

It was a Saturday around noon and Grant was a short distance from his Franklin home when a small truck or SUV, traveling at a high rate of speed, plowed into the rear of Grant's car sending it head-on into another car.

It was an impact so great that the engine of Grant's vehicle was pushed into the dash. The driver of the other car was critically injured, his wife was also hurt. 

But the driver who caused the crash left the scene. Never stopping to help. 

"I'm laying here with broken bones instead of working and being with my kids every night like I should be," Black said. 

His body shattered, the father of two young girls struggles to even sit up in his hospital bed. It will be months of healing and therapy.

Amazingly, he was able to call his wife from the scene to explain what happened. 

"I don't want to say hatred, but I feel sorry for them that they don't have enough care for someone. I don't know how a human being could do that to someone. I really don't," Teairra Black said. 

Witnesses tell police that it was a man driving the car that caused the crash, but police have little to go on, and so far no arrests have been made. 

"People need to be held accountable. I'd like for them to be held accountable now and more so later," Black said. 

Someone who didn't even tap the brakes before altering the lives of two families. 


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