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IMPD increasing traffic patrol to crack down on reckless driving

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Posted at 6:45 PM, Oct 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-23 18:45:17-04

INDIANAPOLIS— This week IMPD and Indiana State police are increasing traffic patrol following concerns from the people they serve.

Speeding, reckless driving, and hit-and-run accidents are increasing.

"We’ve seen a lot of fatalities. We’ve seen a lot of families being hurt," said Sgt. Javen Richards with IMPD.

IMPD will have increased traffic enforcement across all six districts.

North District

  1. 86th & Monon Trail
  2. 25th & Sherman 
  3. 3800 North Meridian Corridor
  4. 16th and Pennsylvania
  5. 6100 Primrose Avenue

 East District

  1. 10th Street from Emerson to Arlington 
  2. Washington Street from Emerson to Arlington
  3. 56th Street from Emerson Way to I-465
  4. Shadeland Ave from I-465 tie-in to 10th St

Southeast District

  1. Madison Av. between Terrace Av. and Thompson Rd. (Late evening into early morning, Thurs through Saturday)
  2. E. Raymond St. between Shelby St. and Southeastern Av. (Daytime during school hours)
  3. E. Washington St. between Pine St. and Emerson Av. (Daytime to 22:00)
  4. English Ave. between Rural St. and Emerson Av. (Daytime during school hours)
  5. US31S between Southport Rd. and Countyline Rd. (All normal work hours until early evening, 2000 to 0200 Thursday through Saturday)
  6. Southeastern Av. between Prospect St. and Raymond St. (business hours)
  7. S. Keystone Av. between Prospect and Hanna Av. (business hours)

Southwest District

  1. South half of Haughville - White River W to Tibbs and Michigan St to 10th St. 
  2. West Washington Street - Belmont to Holt. 
  3. Southern Mars Hill - Lynhurst to Holt and Troy to Kentucky. 
  4. Mid Wayne Township - High School Rd to Lynhurst and Rockville Rd to 10th St. 

Northwest District

  1. 7900-8600 N Payne Rd.
  2. 4800-7900 W 56th St
  3. 5600 N High School Rd.
  4. 5600 N. Lafayette Rd.
  5. 5600 N. Georgetown Rd.
  6. 5600-8600 N. Michigan Rd.
  7. W. 38th St between High School and Moller Rd.

Downtown District

  1. Washington St. /Delaware St.
  2. Washington St./Pennsylvania St.
  3. Capital Ave/Maryland St.
  4. Washington St./Illinois St.

According to IMPD, so far this year there has been 358 crashes involving pedestrians and cyclists and 33 of them have been deadly.
There has also been 76 hit-and-run accidents involving pedestrians and cyclists with 9 of them being deadly.

On Monday morning, WRTV joined Officer Andrew Sheler on a ride along through part of the Southeast District.

"Through my years of experience, yea it seems to be a little bit more of a problem," said Sheler.

Sheler says they're hearing the same complaints about pedestrian safety in their district as well.

"It’s not uncommon to have a car drive right past you and keep driving in a fully marked car," said Sheler.

The enforcement this week isn't about giving out tickets, but educating and having conversations.

"Me personally as an officer if I can address the problem within the traffic stop I would much rather correct it because that’s what I would prefer personally," said Sheler.

IMPD says they started seeing an increase in unsafe driving when the COVID-19 pandemic started.

"To me it seems we’re trying to bounce back from that a little bit. It’s getting better, but it’s going to take enforcement and holding individuals accountable," said Sheler.

If you have a complaint you can file it through this link.