Sheriff's son accused of dealing cocaine

Posted at 8:27 PM, Jan 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 18:53:32-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- Three people, including an IMPD officer who is the son of the Marion County sheriff, were arrested Tuesday in connection with an alleged conspiracy to deal cocaine.

IMPD investigators received information in November from an outside agency identifying three suspects in connection with possible cocaine dealing: 33-year-old Christopher Reed; 41-year-old Veronica Purdy and 35-year-old Nikolas Layton.

Layton was employed as a full-time police officer with IMPD and is also the son of Marion County Sheriff John Layton.

Sheriff Layton issued the following statement Tuesday night:

"This is obviously a heart breaking moment as a parent, especially as a parent who is also the Sheriff, and even more as the father of a police officer. I have never tolerated this kind of alleged behavior in law enforcement. I have full faith in the criminal justice system, and I feel certain that justice will be done."

Layton submitted his resignation from IMPD Tuesday evening. 

IMPD said Layton is a 10-year veteran of the force currently assigned to the hit-and-run investigation unit. He was originally hired as a Marion County deputy in 20015. A year and a half later, Layton became a patrol officer with IMPD. 

Sources tell Call 6 Investigates the investigation into Layton first began when a federal agency first tipped off IMPD's Special Investigative Unit that Layton and two others were dealing drugs. 

In December, a confidential informant working for IMPD purchased cocaine and hydrocodone from all three of the suspects over a period of 15 days. That informant recorded Layton snorting cocaine and then selling it. 

He was also recorded selling hydrocodone tablets to the informant. 

According to other records obtained from Call 6 Investigates, Layton had been dealing with a home foreclosure and a child custody case in Marion County. 

His discipline record at IMPD only showed one incident in his 10 years on the force. Records show that in 2014, Layton was suspended for two days without pay for not keeping his department-issued firearm safe and secure. 

Records show that all three suspects in the case were taken to police headquarters Tuesday night to be interviewed and all admitted to dealing cocaine and hydrocodone to the informant. 


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