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IMPD officer arrested for assisting criminal

Posted at 10:56 PM, Dec 01, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-01 22:56:33-05

INDIANAPOLIS -- An IMPD officer is facing termination over allegations he helped his girlfriend stay out of jail and provided false information to investigators.

Chief Rick Hite announced Tuesday he would recommend Officer Jason Thomas be fired. Thomas has already been suspended and stripped of his police powers for allegedly allowing his girlfriend, Amanda Nickless, to violate a no-contact order against him and for lying to investigators about her whereabouts.

The case began in April, when Nickless was arrested for theft, criminal mischief and battery against Thomas. At the time, Nickless was Thomas' live-in girlfriend.

As a result of the charges, a Marion County judge issued a no-contact order for Nickless, mandating she not speak or meet with Thomas.

When Nickless missed a court date two weeks after her arrest, Thomas told a judge she was at a rehab center in Florida. A subsequent investigation showed that Thomas had traveled to Florida to visit Nickless while she was in treatment, and that they had become engaged.

Upon returning to Indianapolis, Thomas allegedly allowed Nickless to live with him and at his parents' property, and was seen out and about with her all the while knowing she had active warrants for missing court appearances. At one point, Nickless and Thomas posed for a Facebook photo with Greenwood police, according to court documents.

In June, a probable cause affidavit states Thomas became tired of Nickless' erratic behavior and turned her in.

While in jail, Nickless reportedly contacted Thomas dozens of times via phone. During some of those calls, the pair discussed what they would tell investigators about their relationship. In another, Thomas tells Nickless officers are "also maybe listening to your phone conversation … so this is 'Mark' that you're talking to."

Investigators learned Thomas had allegedly been aiding Nickless while she was wanted on multiple warrants, and he had lied about being in contact with her and about knowing there was a protective order in place. He also allegedly lied about knowing she had active warrants for her arrest.

Criminal charges were filed against Thomas on Nov. 12 for false informing, a misdemeanor, and assisting a criminal, a level 6 felony.


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