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IMPD: 4-year-old in critical condition after shooting outside funeral home, multiple others shot

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Posted at 5:17 PM, Jul 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-01 13:37:39-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Multiple victims, including a 4-year-old girl, were shot in the parking lot of a funeral home Saturday night, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said.

Three victims were found in the 1100 block of West 30th Street around 4:30 p.m.

IMPD officer Genae Cook says at least three people were injured - a 16-year-old female, an adult male and a 4-year-old female. The 4-year-old is in critical condition, while the other two victims are in stable condition, according to Cook. The child's mother was not one of the victims.

Shortly after, two people walked into Methodist Hospital with gunshot wounds. Police said they were injured at the West 30th Street scene as well.

"Preliminary information shows us that an unknown male got out of a vehicle, approached another vehicle that was parked in the parking lot of the funeral home [and] a verbal altercation began, at which point the one male began firing shots throughout the parking lot and around the truck," Cook said. "That person left the area prior to police officers arriving."

People were attending a funeral at the time of the shooting, Cook said.

"This is not the way Indianapolis operates," Cook said. "We need to think about our actions, think about what we do ... if you saw something, you know of something, it's important to come forward. This is a 4-year-old little girl that was a victim ... these are our futures. We have to be mentors for those that are of the younger generation."

Sprowl Funeral Home released the following statement Saturday:

“At Sprowl Funeral & Cremation Care, we believe everyone we serve is family. Our family is hurting following yesterday’s shooting in our parking lot. We are praying for peace and healing for the victims and their loved ones. We also are grateful to law enforcement, public safety and medical officers for their quick and compassionate response. We are fully cooperating with law enforcement as the investigation progresses.

While we take every precaution to protect our clients, staff and guests, we are saddened that violence can touch anyone at any time, even during the sacred act of grieving. The Sprowl family continues to be proud members of the neighborhood and community our business calls home. Please pray for our city, and please be a part of the solution to end the violence.”
Lloyd Sprowl II and Lori Hobbs

Cook says it is believed one or two of the victims were from inside the funeral home, and the altercation occurred with someone from inside. IMPD is still working to determine everyone's role in the incident.

Cook says the funeral was not for a crime victim, and police do not believe it was a random act.

"Everybody that was involved was in that parking lot, it wasn't anyone randomly down the street ... so we know they were there for the funeral or for someone going to the funeral," Cook said.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett released a statement following the shooting:

“This afternoon our community witnessed yet another violent incident, this time with multiple victims including a young child. Tonight our thoughts are with all those impacted, including those injured in the shooting, their families, and a neighborhood scarred by a cowardly act. Far too many residents have borne the consequences of the combination of firearms and failed conflict resolution and I join a frustrated community in calling for an end to this cycle of violence.

IMPD and the City of Indianapolis will continue to try every solution, incorporate every best practice we can. But we cannot do it alone. It will take neighbors sharing information, supporting those who are hurting, intervening when someone is headed down a dangerous path.

I urge anyone with information on this incident to share what they know and contact Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.”
Mayor Joe Hogsett

The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police released the following statement:

“Today, we were once again confronted with an Act of Evil in Indianapolis. We pray for the victims and their families.

This senseless violent action has once again brought to the forefront the surging violence we have been facing as a City. (We have had at least 33 killed in 31 days and countless others shot, stabbed and critically injured.

Our law enforcement professionals call upon our elected officials to get back to basics, stop trying to score political points and focus on restoring law and order in Indianapolis.

Efforts to tackle root causes of violence mean nothing if we do not address the real-time outcomes of lawlessness and disorder.

Fix the broken revolving door of Criminal Justice for violent offenders, immediately deploy needed technology, fund proven ‘boots on the ground’ groups in the neighborhoods and support your policing professionals by getting out of their way and letting them do their jobs.

Public Safety is Job #1. Indy Can’t Wait!”
Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police