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IMPD to begin body camera trial this week

Bodycam video released after jury acquits ex-cop of murder
Posted at 4:40 PM, Jul 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 22:41:51-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers and supervisors who work the busiest shift in the largest districts will begin a six-week body camera test this week.

According to a news release from the city, all officers and supervisors on the North, East and Southeast District middle shifts will wear body cameras for 45 days. IMPD began studying the feasibility of a body camera program early this year.

IMPD tested body cameras in 2014, but it cited cost, outdated city technology infrastructure, a small sample size and a lack of community support as reasons it did not result in a permanent program.

"In the five years since, vendor offerings have increased, the city has invested millions of dollars in upgrading public safety technology infrastructure and body worn camera products have advanced, significantly driving down costs," the release said.

The department estimates full deployment of a body camera program would cost between $2-to-3 million a year.

IMPD will use body cameras produced by Axon, Utility and Motorola during the pilot test, the release said. As part of the feasibility study, IUPUI is producing a survey on the community's expectations and concerns regarding IMPD wearing body cameras.