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Indiana leaders give tips on anti-robocall apps

Posted at 2:46 PM, Sep 22, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS – It’s all too familiar: You get a phone call, jump to pick it up, and discover it’s not a friend from an unknown number – it’s a robocall. Indiana officials are continuing to work to change that.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office says it feels your pain: It has sorted through about 7,500 robocall complaints this year.

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There’s now a partial solution to the problem, though.

The state has created a list of ways you can cut down on the calls, saying simply relying on the “Do Not Call” registry isn’t enough.

“The (robo) callers don’t care about ‘Do Not Call’ lists,” AG’s Office Telephone Privacy Chief Marguerite Sweeney said. “They’re relying on the fact that they can use technology to avoid being found, so they’re just gonna call and they can blast phone calls at an alarming rate.”

The AG’s Office has come up with new call-blocking options in a reference sheet. Tap or click here to see it.

The AG’s Office says it created the reference sheet with the digital age in mind, listing different call-blocking apps and information on each option.