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Indiana preacher drives 2 days to meet dying man

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jun 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-02 21:54:54-04

Editor's note: Clayton Jennings is a former RTV6 creative services employee who left the station to focus on his ministry full-time.

INDIANAPOLIS -- A year ago, RTV6 introduced you to Indiana native and evangelist Clayton Jennings. Since then, his ministry has taken him all over.

He travels several times a week for “crusades” all over the country.

Recently, the announcement of Jennings’ book, "Jesus Over Everything," created a big stir online. It hit the Top 300 list on Amazon, eight months before the release date.

The meteoric rise of Jennings’ fame has been a byproduct of his ministry. He meets thousands of people at every crusade, making sure to shake their hands. More than a million others follow along online on his Facebook page.

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Jennings says each fan is a member of his family. He wants to make sure they know that.

That’s why, this week, when he received a letter from a woman in Georgia, he knew he had to act quickly.

“The subject line read, ‘Only thing on bucket list is to meet you before he meets God.’  Allison's husband has Stage Four cancer and it's at a serious point. So I'm going,” said Jennings.

And just like that, Jennings gave up his two days of rest at home to drive to Atlanta, to surprise Jacob and Allison McCard.

“If I can meet somebody like this in their lowest point and bring some light into that valley, I'm excited about this. I love this guy and I want to fight this with him,” he said.

So, that’s what happened.

Jennings surprised the McCards after aradiation treatment, approaching them in the hallway of the medical center.

It changed what could have been a routine day of treatment into a moment all three of them will remember for years to come.

“How are you holding up?” asked Jennings.

“There are days I have complete and total peace but there are days that Satan is trying to get me left and right. I have to remember I'm still here,” Jacob said.

“And I’m here with you,” said Jennings, “And a lot of people are here too, fighting with you.”

It was a surprise day of hope, faith and encouragement that left a big smile on Jacob’s face.

Jennings joined us in the studio Thursday for a Facebook Live broadcast to answer your questions. Watch that interview in the player below: