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Indiana Landmarks announces 2019's '10 Most Endangered Places'

PHOTOS: Indiana's 10 most endangered landmarks
Posted at 1:40 AM, Apr 30, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — A spot on Indiana Landmarks' "10 Most Endangered Places" list isn't a death sentence. In fact, it's been proven to increase visibility and support for the state's neglected historic structures.

According to the organization, only 16 of the 139 most endangered sites listed since 1991 have been demolished, and 85 places are completely restored or no longer endangered.

Among the places listed for 2019 include a hotel, a church, a courthouse and an entire downtown.

“Indiana Landmarks uses its 10 Most Endangered list in several ways. Sometimes it serves an educational role. It functions as an advocacy tool. And it can assist in raising funds needed to save a place,” Indiana Landmarks president Marsh Davis said. “Every listing comes with significant challenges. In all cases, when an endangered place lands on our list, we commit to seeking solutions that lead to rescue and revitalization."

Here is a listing of Indiana's 10 most endangered places:

Cannelton Historic District

Buildings in the historic district date back to 1837, and half of the 169 structures in the district are in jeopardy and more than two dozen are vacant.

Church of the Holy Cross
1401 E. Ohio St., Indianapolis

Built in 1921, the church closed its doors in 2015 when part of its arched portico collapsed. Indiana Landmarks said churches in other areas of Indianapolis have seen rebirths after they have been transformed into performing arts venues, offices, restaurants and apartments.

Commandant’s Row at Indiana Veterans’ Home
3851 N. River Road, West Lafayette

The library and administration building, which were built in 1896, and the 1899 Commandant's Home are all that remain of the original campus buildings. Another repeat from 2018, all three buildings require major repairs in the near future in order to be stabilized.

Crump Theatre
423 3rd St., Columbus

The theatre was constructed in 1889 and renovated in a 1941 remodel that added its Art Deco facade and lobby. It stopped showing movies in 1997, but continued to host community events until 2014, when the fire department closed it for good. Columbus included the Crump Theatre in a community plan, but it needs a developer.

Downtown Attica

Attica's downtown includes buildings constructed from 1850 to 1950, including the Attica Hotel, which was built in 1853 and hosted Bing Crosby, Bette Davis and Al Capone. The hotel is vacant and the rear facade of one of its wings is collapsed.

John Howe Mansion
5755 North State Road 9, Howe Military Academy, Howe

The academy will close in 2019, endangering the Howe Mansion, built in 1875, along with several other historic buildings on campus.

Mineral Springs Hotel
124 S. Court St., Paoli

The hotel was built in 1895 and closed in 1958. Businesses occupied its ground floor until recent years, but the building, which is located on the town square, is taking on water through a leaky roof and broken windows on the upper floors leave the structure open to the elements.

Peru Circus Winter Quarters
3076 E. Circus Lane, Peru

Peru was once known as the "Circus Capital of the World," but only two barns and some outbuildings still stand at the former Wallace Circus and American Circus Corporation Winter Quarters, a National Historic Landmark.

Pulaski County Courthouse
112 E. Main St., Winamac

County officials want to tear down the 1895 courthouse and put a parking lot in its place. Winamac residents recently formed a "Save the Pulaski County Courthouse" group, and they have attended commission meetings asking officials to reconsider demolition.

Red Memorial Presbyterian Church
1004 North A St., Richmond

The church, built in 1906 by Richmond industrialist Daniel Reid, has been vacant since 2017. The deed says that Reid's heirs can take ownership of the building if it ceases to function as a church for more than a decade. Out-of-state groups have expressed interest in purchasing the church's Tiffany windows.