Indiana State Police use new tool for water rescues

Posted at 10:47 PM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 22:47:29-04

More than 700 Indiana State Police troopers have access to a tool to help them assist people in water rescues and other emergencies.

The Resqme tool is designed to break car windows within seconds and cut seatbelts.

Master Trooper Detective Robert May, who was on the state police dive team for 21 years, helped purchase the tools for ISP.

“I found it was the best way to break a car window above and below the water,” said May. "Whether you're in a car wreck, under water, above water, it doesn't matter if your car is on fire. It gives law enforcement a chance to get access to your car and save your life. That's what it's about."

Police said the tool could also be used to rescue children and pets left in hot vehicles.

ISP recommends the following tips if your car goes under water:

If your car goes into the water, you will have about one minute to exit and should immediately:  

1.      Seatbelts: take seatbelts off or cut

2.      Windows: open or break the side windows

3.      Children: undo their restraints and get them out oldest to youngest


4.      Out:  exit through the window, children first.  

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