Indiana veteran's wallet returned on Memorial Day

Posted at 6:44 PM, May 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 18:50:30-04

INDIANAPOLIS – An Indiana veteran lost his wallet on Memorial Day while visiting the park with his family, but hours later it was returned to his home by two men.

Donald Anderson said he knew he dropped his wallet in the parking lot of Holliday Park, but he doubted he would find it since the park was full of people Monday.

“The sick realization of all that was encompassed in that wallet, credit cards, driver's license, pilot's license, insurance cards, everything personal, and the nightmare that the next week was going to be,” said Anderson.

Shortly after making the 45-minute trip home, he was surprised by what he found at his front door.

“It may be a father and son and they asked me, ‘were you at holiday park today, did you lose your wallet?’ I said ‘yea I did,’” said Anderson. “They had it in their hand and they reached out and handed it to me, and said ‘well I can see by your flag that you’re a veteran. Thank you for your service, everything's there, have a happy Memorial Day.’”

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Anderson said he was left stunned on his front porch and has started looking for the two men to repay them with dinner.


“They were probably with their families at the park, they may have even left their families at the park to drive that back up here, because it looked like maybe father and they gave up their time,” said Anderson.