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Indianapolis church speaks out against rioters who invoked Christianity at Capitol terror attack

Elders felt they had to take a stand
Posted at 11:27 PM, Jan 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-19 23:27:23-05

INDIANAPOLIS — The Elders of Common Ground Christian Church - Midtown recently released a statement, condemning the domestic terror attack on the U.S. Capitol Building. Many of the rioters either wore or invoked symbolism connected to Christianity and that's one of the major reasons why the statement was released.

"Jesus didn't turn a blind eye to injustices. We just feel called to do the same," Lead Elder Clair White said. "When we heard and saw people using symbols associated with Christianity, it stirred something in us that felt not Jesus like."

In a video published by The New Yorker, mobs of people could be seen storming the Capitol. The video captures the moment rioters, after ransacking the Senate Chamber, bowed their heads and began to pray. Christian symbols could be seen throughout several other videos from the attack on the Capitol.

"We lament that men and women portrayed a violent version of Christianity that is not congruent with the teachers of Jesus," The church's statement read. "We lament that so many people who claim to follow Christ have instead put their trust in human leaders for their salvation."

Elder White tells WRTV, they held a prayer service over the insurrection at the Capitol.

"Rather than prayer being the end of what we do, it's almost like it's the beginning. It's our way of trying to discern best what it is God is calling us to do so we can then act out in whatever ways that seem most appropriate and honoring to him." For this moment, Elder White tells WRTV, it means reclaiming the Christianity they know by doing good in our community.

"Sharing resources, developing relationships with the neighborhood, community center, public schools and just getting to know the folks in that space because we take very seriously that call to be the hands and feet of Jesus," Elder White said. "It would be great if we all did this together. I don't know if our intention is to lead the way, it's more just a response to what we believe God is calling us to do."

Elder White tells WRTV this statement is just the beginning of how they plan to address problems the community is facing. She says they've received overwhelming support and gratitude for speaking out on this issue.