Indianapolis police chief helps driver out of inverted car on I-70

Posted at 11:45 PM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-16 11:25:42-04

INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis' police chief helped a man get out of his vehicle following a rollover crash on I-70 Monday evening.

Police Chief Bryan Roach was leaving IMPD headquarters when he approached a crash at mile marker 112 involving an inverted vehicle and another slightly damaged vehicle during rush hour, police said.

Roach helped 35-year-old Juan Flores out of the flipped over vehicle before he was taken to a nearby hospital, officers said.

"Our community cares," said Roach. "A concerned witness, nurse and I all converged on the immediate needs of an accident victim without a second thought."

Police said Flores’ injuries were not serious and he is expected to be OK.

“I looked inside gave him the thumbs up… thumbs up that he was OK,” said Roach. "It was an opportunity, now that I look back, to show our officers that's what we should be doing. You see something that occurs, we need to act. I've been a police officer for 27 years--it is in the nature.”

Following the hospital visit, Flores was arrested on an outstanding warrant for driving without a license.

Juan Flores mugshot from previous arrest

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said he was proud of Roach’s courage and is lucky to have him and other IMPD officers to keep the city safe.