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Indianapolis reacts to video after bodies were found

Why we chose to post the video
Indianapolis reacts to video after bodies were found
Posted at 6:59 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 15:37:06-04

INDIANAPOLIS -- Two bodies were discovered on Indianapolis' northeast side Wednesday afternoon, and we captured video of the aftermath of the discovery.

The video is difficult to watch, but we feel it’s a poignant part of the coverage of violence in our city. Too often all we see are police cars and police tape around a building, and that’s not truly representative of a lost life. This video depicts the real effect of the violence that some in our community are experiencing.

We had several discussions in our studio about what to do with this footage, and felt that sharing it gave Indianapolis residents the real perspective of what happens after human beings are killed, to show that real people are affected, and that it’s not just a statistic or a story you hear about on the news.

We've received a significant response from you, with opinions from all perspectives. A few protesters showed up outside the RTV6 studios. We've heard from angry people who feel we are being disrespectful and we've heard from people who are glad the video was shared. You can read through the comments and weigh in yourself on our Facebook page here.

Here are the facts: Indianapolis is yet again on pace for one of its deadliest years ever. We reached 100 homicides faster than any other year in the past 20 years, we broke records last year, and we're on pace to do so again this year.

Here's a look at some of the worst of it from 2015.

And here is a look at every homicide around the city so far this year. Here they are by neighborhood.

We respect everyone's opinions on our decision to share the footage, because as noted in the post, the video is hard to watch, but we feel it was a part of the story we could not ignore; part of a trend that none of us can ignore. 

Watch the Facebook Live video below for a conversation between the leaders of the RTV6 newsroom and IMPD.

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