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Indy teen in coma after friends waited to get help after crash is now breathing on his own

Posted at 12:18 AM, Jul 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-18 07:35:30-04

INDIANAPOLIS — An Indianapolis teenager who was left comatose after a crash is no longer on life support and is breathing on his own.

Kaylem Cunningham, 17, was a passenger in a car earlier this month that was involved in a hit-and-run crash involving a moped.

Kaylem's mother, Marissa Cunningham, said her son and his friends had just left a part on the city's south side when the crash occurred earlier this month. She said her son's head hit the glove compartment and he was knocked unconscious.

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Marissa said one of Kaylem's friends wanted to take him to the hospital, but they were too scared to call 911 so they drove home and carried him inside. After he started vomiting, one of his friends called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital. By then, Kaylem had to be placed in a medically induced coma and on a ventilator.

Marissa posted an update on Kaylem's condition to social media. She says he is finally out of his coma and is making improvements each day.

"He is able to talk/whisper, remembers a whole lot, he can eat real food and most [important] HUG & SMILE," she posted on her Facebook page.