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Indianapolis woman starts home health care business to help with shortage

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Posted at 7:14 PM, Aug 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-18 19:40:50-04

INDIANAPOLIS — Finding in-home care for your loved one may not always be easy.

The Indiana Association for Home and Hospice Care says the state is desperate for nurses.

Lynette Rodriguez has spent decades caring for others as a nurse.

"30 years," Rodriguez said.

She started in her hometown of Michigan City, and is now serving Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

"I love caring for people. I've had a passion ever since I was a little girl," Rodriguez said.

She was inspired by her mother, Judy Gore.

Rodriguez has cared for hundreds of patients with different illnesses. She's seen the demand for nurses, not only in the hospital, but also in home health care — Her mom being one of those patients in need.

"I don't want to go to the nursing home," Gore said.

The Indiana Association for Home and Hospice care says there is a nursing shortage of thousands, while there is a population explosion for people that need the care.

"People no longer want to go to the nursing home, they want to stay in their homes. They find out people want to die in their homes now. They don't want to go to the hospital and die, they want to be in the comfort of their home with their families. We make that happen," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez was determined to make a difference for her family and other. She launched Just Like Family Care LLC this month.

"We provide personal care, medication reminders, meal prep, showers, dressing, mobility, transfers, run errands, do grocery shopping, light house keeping, you name it," Rodriguez said.

She and her staff provide in-home living assistance to the elderly and disabled. It operates 24 hours, 7 days a week.

"That's why it's called Just Like Family because we all become very close. The families are able to build a trusted relationship with me and the staff to know their loved one will be taken care of like family," Rodriguez said.

"I'm proud. I'm very proud," Gore said.

Gore is thankful to be able to stay in her own home.

"Yeah, I am so I am blessed," Gore said.

She is hoping others who want the same but are struggling to find a care giver finds one soon.

As for Rodriguez, she's fulfilling a goal she set 30 years ago, hoping to make a difference one patient at a time.

"It feels great. It feels like a dream come true. I am so happy my dream has finally become a reality. I jump up every morning ready to start my day," Rodriguez said. "You're going to know that your loved one is safe in my care. You know you're going to have qualified and certified staff to take care of your loved ones."

Just Like Family LLC is hiring and looking for patients.

"I give my employees a flexible schedule so they can have a work-life balance. I know they're trying to get kids off to the daycare and get to work on time. I used to be that person, having to juggle all those jobs. I want to give them employment opportunities and pay them a nice wage so they don't have to juggle so much. They have one or two patients to take care of versus 20 at a time," Rodriguez said.

For more information on Just Like Family LLC, click here.