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Indianapolis Zoo welcomes new baby dolphin calf

Dolphin Calf.jpg
Posted at 11:44 AM, Aug 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-30 11:52:24-04

INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Zoo on Tuesday welcomed a new Atlantic bottlenose dolphin calf.

The male baby was born to mother Kalei and weighed 36 pounds at birth, according to zoo officials. The new baby is also the grandson of Nova, the matriarch of the dolphin pod.

"Kalei is an attentive mother and the calf is nursing well," zoo officials said in an announcement on the zoo website. "Our Marine Mammal staff is monitoring mom and baby 24/7 and will continue to do so for several weeks. The vet staff conducted important medical checks and continues to monitor the calf and mom daily."

Zoo officials said it will be awhile before mother and calf will be seen on public display, guests can still view the rest of the pod from the underwater viewing dome in the St. Vincent Dolphin Pavilion.