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'I just sat there waiting to die' Indy couple describes terrifying two hour home invasion

The couple were tied up, tortured and robbed
Posted at 12:32 AM, Sep 27, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- An Indianapolis couple in their 70’s who were attacked, tied up and robbed during a violent home invasion on Tuesday say they didn’t expect to get out of the ordeal alive.  

“I thought I was dead... I really, really believed I was dead,” said Jack Agard.

Jack and his wife, Julia, call the incident – in the middle of the day - the scariest two hours of their entire lives.

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“We had no money, they were going all over the place looking for money. I thought they would kill us,” Jack said.

Julia said two random men showed up at her front door on Monday asking for a person she didn’t know – when she told them they had the wrong address, they left.

She said the next day, they came back with a purpose.

“I opened the door, they shoved past me and wanted money,” said Julia.

“They go – where’s the money,” said Jack. “We very seldom have $5 at home.”




In an emotional interview, the couple described being tied up, tortured and threatened at gunpoint by the two strangers.

“They tied us up. They tied me to a chair… with duct tape, which they got out of my own garage,” Jack said. “Then they shoved me in our bathroom down here… turned off the light and shut the door.”

Jack said he sat there in the dark, listening to what was happening to his wife and his home but unable to help.

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"Every time I'd say I don't have any money they'd hit me," said Julia. 

“Every once in a while they’d come in with a gun, put it to my head and say, ‘if you don’t tell me where the money’s at I’m going to kill you right now,’” said Jack. “I tried to explain to them we didn’t have any money.”




Jack said the two men rifled through their homes for about two hours before they finally took off – but not before taking the couple’s bank cards and anything worth value they could find.

"I finally remembered I had some silver certificate one dollar bills and I told them about them and they got those," said Julia. "And I had a little bit of money put aside for when I go down to the casino and they got that, but that's it."

Julia said she told them to take anything they wanted. 

“They took something that they didn’t have a right to – and it wasn’t the money,” said Julia. “They took our sense of safety, our sense of peace and harmony – all the things you have in your home.”

“They did that to the whole neighborhood,” said Jack. “This whole neighborhood is going nuts."

The two men also took the couple’s jeep, but it has since been recovered.

Police issued these images Wednesday afternoon of two men they are searching for in connection with the crime.

If you have any information call IMPD or Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-8477.

“We’re glad and thankful… just amazed, that we’re even alive,” “You have no idea what it’s like to have a guy standing there… looking you right in the eye… and say ‘I’m going to kill you right now unless you tell us where the money’s at.’”

You can hear the Agards tell their story – uncensored – in the video player below.




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