A film about Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor will soon have its world premiere in Indianapolis

Posted at 2:56 AM, Mar 17, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS --  The story of a Holocaust survivor, who has called Indiana home for decades, will have its world premiere in Indianapolis in a few weeks.

"Everything in the world was done to kill me and here I am alive," said Eva Mozes Kor.

Eva Kor made it through the Nazi horrors at Auschwitz concentration camp.

"Everybody has struggles and everybody should concentrate that ultimately you can triumph and succeed," said Eva.

She and her twin sister Miriam survived the Nazis.

Both were forced to undergo medical experiments and torture at the hands of the so-called Angel of Death, Doctor Joseph Mengele.

In 1993, Miriam passed away.

Eva says she wasn't sure she wanted to do this documentary.

"They are a lot of work and digging into your soul and I didn't want anyone digging into my soul anymore," said Eva.

But she took the journey and it will be used as part of an effort to teach others about the Holocaust.

"It will have long life and lots of educational material to make it an engaging opportunity for communities all around the country and around the world," said Lloyd Wright, WFYI President.

Eva has made forgiving her tormentors her life's legacy and hopes this documentary continues to carry her message into the future.

"I will like people thinking of me to say thank you for being happy. I have a human right to be happy and free of any pain that life will impose on me. Because we all have pain that life imposes and if they can think of me in that way, I think my work is done," said Eva.

The film debuts at Butler University's Clowes Hall on April 5. Click here for ticket information.

It's expected to be shown at film festivals around the world and eventually distributed internationally.

In addition, it will air on public TV in the fall.

Kor also says she's working on a children's book focused on forgiving.