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After a couple of break-ins, this Indianapolis woman is happy she bought security surveillance

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Posted at 11:04 PM, Jan 02, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS — "I'm not going to be afraid, I'm not going to run from this," said an Indianapolis homeowner.

An Indianapolis woman is taking safety into her own hands after becoming a victim of break-ins.

After a couple of break-ins and strange situations, Kathy Cornett installed cameras around her home and she says they have already paid for themselves.

"I am very angry, I am so angry. I can't get past that anger," Cornett said.

The home Kathy Cornett has lived in for the last four years has been broken into before. Once, a few years ago, and the second the day before Thanksgiving.

"I had left and went to church and when I came back somebody had been in the house and took things out of the drawers," she said.

Cornett said she immediately went out and purchased cameras for her home. She installed some to face her driveway, that she installed just last weekend.

And while she was out on New Years Day, she got a ding on her phone.

"When I got the ding, I looked at the phone and saw a big, sounded like a big diesel truck, pulled all the way into the driveway," Cornett said.

We blurred the video above, due to there technically not being a crime committed.

"I truly believe that if you look at it - he turned around because of the cameras," she said.

The person in the video gets out of the truck, looks right into the camera and says something.

Cornett called the police and showed them the video.

"I just got so nervous my insides tightened up," she said.

A spokesman for Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said the surveillance cameras are a useful tool for deterrence and can provide valuable evidence in a crime.

"I was fighting the cost of it, but it's paid for itself now," Cornett said.

And her warning to others:

"If you're looking at me now and thinking you're gonna come around, you better watch it - I'm gonna get ya."

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