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Arsenal Tech making changes to increase student safety

Posted at 10:30 PM, Oct 24, 2017

INDIANAPOLIS -- Changes are being made to increase student safety at Arsenal Tech High School in Indianapolis following reports of fights on campus.

"We want parents to know that safety is paramount and we intend to protect our students accordingly," said IPS Superintendent Dr. Lewis Ferebee.

One of the challenges unique to Arsenal Tech is its size. The campus covers 76-acres and has 17 buildings. 

Dr. Ferebee says students and adults who don't belong have been entering the campus. From now on, visitors will only be allowed to use the main gate on Michigan Road.

Additional guards will also be stationed at that entrance to check ID's when class is in session.

"We want to ensure that no unwanted visitors are on the campus as we make sure that our students are safe," said Dr. Ferebee.

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Dr. Ferebee says the district is also focusing on increasing security during students' arrival and dismissal when there are large groups of students together.

Marquita Bright pulled her daughter, Anya, out of Arsenal Tech over safety concerns. Anya was kicked and pushed outside the school last Friday morning and it was caught on video.

Bright applauds the changes being made but says she still plans to move her daughter to another school.

"I think that they really need to get to the core of the problem. It starts in the classroom with the teachers and when the teacher sees a problem that arises the teacher should go ahead and write the referrals, call the deans, do what you're supposed to do, follow the guidelines," said Bright.

Dr. Ferebee assures parents fighting will not be tolerated.

"Any student that's involved will be disciplined accordingly. Any acts of violence will be addressed swiftly and immediately by our administrative team," said Ferebee.

Changes to supervision are also being made including clear identification on each student and more people watching during passing periods.

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