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BANDALOOP performers will dance on the side of Salesforce Tower this weekend

Posted at 1:16 PM, Jan 06, 2022

INDIANAPOLIS — There’s a weekend full of entertainment leading up to the big College Football Playoff National Championship game on Monday, and that includes a group of perspective-changing performers who will dance on the side of the Salesforce Tower.

With their equipment 750-feet above the ground, the performing group, BANDALOOP, will turn the Salesforce Tower along Monument Circle into their dance floor.

It’s an awe-inspiring spectacle, as part of the College Football Playoff festivities.

BANDALOOP performers dance down the side of a building.

This Saturday and Sunday, six dancers from BANDALOOP will perform on the side of the building, hovering above the ground, with lights flashing and football jerseys, saying 2022 on them.

It’s choreography that’s not for the faint of heart, but executive director Thomas Cavanagh said safety comes first.

“We like to say we put fear in the passenger seat, but fear is very much present, if it isn’t you’re probably doing something stupid,” said Cavanagh.

They even have their own rigging team, in their group of sixteen people here for the Indianapolis performance.

Cavanagh said it’s work he hopes brings Hoosiers together.

“We really enjoy getting people to look up, to think differently, to look at their architecture differently and to consider the joy that they might feel for dance and kind of have that bleed into their daily life,” he said.

It’s a joy they’ve brought to Indy before, about a decade ago.

“But what’s really unique here is to bring dance to an iconic building,” said Cavanagh.

However, BANDALOOP is no stranger to opening for major sports events. They’ve performed at more than 350 locations across the world since 1991.

That includes recently in the home states of the two competing football teams, Alabama and Georgia.

“We’re kind of excited that maybe BANDALOOP brought a little salt and pepper to their energy, in those two states last year and now they’re in the game,” said Cavanagh.

No matter who wins, Cavanagh said it’s about bringing everyone together for the big occasion and expanding the audience with their dynamic dances.

BANDALOOP will perform between acts at AT&T Playoff Playlist Live! on Monument Circle. Those concerts are from 5-11 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

BANDALOOP doesn’t have exact performance times because it depends on the weather and concert timing.

They had a rehearsal scheduled for Wednesday night, but it moved due to the high winds. So, they tentatively plan to rehearse Thursday.