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Caught on Camera: Thieves steal wallet out of woman's wallet out of her purse at Indy restaurant

Posted at 5:07 PM, Aug 13, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS -- Two thieves are accused of stealing a woman’s credit card out of her purse at an Indianapolis restaurant and racking up thousands of dollars in charges.

Debbie Bosworth, Operations Manager with Luciana’s Mexican Restaurant, says the couple came into their 82nd Street location a few weeks ago and committed the crime so discreetly that no one realized what had happened until the theft was reported and they started looking at the security cameras.

“Strategically placing the chairs. The guy was wearing a jacket. She used her menus strategically to hide things,” said Bosworth. “It’s like, oh gosh, this happened with lots of people around – the bartenders there, our hostesses are there the servers are there.”

The credit card company notified the victim right after it happened when the thieves spent around $10,000 at a high-end store down the street.

“Within a half hour or 45 minutes of the credit card being stolen we were notified, and we started looking at our cameras,” said Bosworth.

Bosworth shared the video below to help make others aware of how easily something like this can happen, and in the hopes that someone can identify the two people involved.

“Somebody knows them, and I want other restaurants to be aware too because we want our customers to come in and feel safe and know they can just enjoy themselves while they are at Luciana’s or out to dinner wherever they choose to go,” said Bosworth. “We just have to be aware.”

To protect yourself from theft while out to eat, make sure you use the hooks located underneath your seat to hang your belongings on – if the restaurant you’re at has them. Also remember to zip your bags up and keep them nearby, to cut down your risk of being targeted.

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