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City gives Muncie motel 10 days to close, people living there rush to find new accomodations

Posted at 7:21 AM, Aug 16, 2017

MUNCIE, Ind. -- People staying at a Muncie motel are scrambling to find a new place to stay after the city ordered the Red Carpet Inn and Suites to shut down in the next ten days.

City officials say they gave the owners of the motel a chance to make improvements but they failed to do so, so they’re ordering it closed for safety concerns.

The city of Muncie’s Building Commissioner has described the motel as “not up to code” and “in very poor condition” citing problems such as non-working smoke detectors, bed bugs and fleas.

The Red Carpet Inn and Suites was a Holiday Inn back in the 1960’s, but people who live nearby say it’s become a haven for drugs and prostitution.

 “I would rather go jump in a sewer than take a shower in that place,” said Ryan McMurray. “I mean, there’s a bunch of stuff that’s happening in there that need to go.”

According to the front desk agent at the Red Carpet Inn and Suites, the motel currently has 30 occupied rooms with about 2 to 3 people per room. Some of those guests are elderly or disabled and have nowhere else to go.

And guests like Ruth Sharrock, who have already paid to stay for the month, aren’t sure where they are going to go on such short notice.

“I’m going through hell that’s what I’m going through,” said Sharrock. “I broke down and cried. I really don’t know what to do at this time.”

According to the front desk agent, the owners plan to file for a 2-week extension so that they can get more time to help their residents relocate. 

Rick Lorrison, Muncie Building Commissioner, said Wednesday afternoon that they haven't received any request for more time.

Lorrison said he has worked with the Human Righs Commission and Center Township Trustee to reach out to Muncie Mission and Bridges for temporary housing for those people who are being displaced.